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About Mt Rosey Mining Company

The Mt Rosey Mining Company Pty Ltd is a north Queensland based explorer and mineral development company operating the Mt Rosey Sapphire project.


The Mt Rosey Mining Company Pty Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Lava Blue Ltd, an unlisted public company.


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The Mt Rosey Gemfields

Our gem fields are in the Lava Plains area in north Queensland. Lava Plains was the site of almost continuous volcanic activity for the past 4.5 million years, including the most recent volcanic activity in Australia, with some indications of activity as recently as 250,000 years ago.

The Sapphire crystals found at Lava Plains were produced by volcanic activity, formed under extreme temperatures and pressures during eruptive phases of volcanism and then ejected along with ash and other pyroclastic material in the early stages of eruption. Not all volcanic activity, and not even every eruption from the same volcano, produces sapphire. But as the history of sapphire mining at Lava Plains shows, when an eruption does produce sapphire, it can produce thousands of kilograms of gemstones.


The Mt Rosey Sapphire Project

With granted exploration permits covering all known areas of historical mining, and all areas in which exploration has reported gemstone recoveries, Mt Rosey mining effectively controls the entire gemstone province. This is possibly the first time in history that a single entity has had effective control of a gemfield of this scale in Australia.

Our exploration efforts focussed on identifying the sources of sapphire, and the controls on the known deposits has identified rich ‘fissure’ deposits that are thought to be unique to this field. Using photogeological analysis and field work the Mt Rosey team are identifying numerous obscured fissures, now infilled with alluvium, colluvium and pyroclastic materials, that will be tested for sapphire.

In the process of exploring this mineral rich province Mt Rosey has identified a number of potentially economic minerals resources.

Ancient Timeless Sapphire

Sapphire has been valued since ancient times as a gemstone imbued with powers of healing, clarity, fidelity, loyalty and trust. The stone chosen to adorn the crowns of kings and the rings of bishops, the ancient Persians even believed the earth itself to be embedded in a gigantic sapphire with the sky being the reflection of the blue crystal.

Sapphire comes in a dozen shades of blue, and as pink, green, yellow and parti-color or padradashca stones showing flashes of yellow, green and blue all in one stone. No matter what the color, sapphire is a gemstone of beauty and prosperity.

Sapphire from the Mt Rosey Mines are famous for their deep velvety blues – Lava Blue.


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