High Purity Alumina Al2O3

Lava Blue High Purity Alumina from Kaolin

99.99% pure high purity alumina (4N HPA) from Lava Blue clays

In 2017 while exploring for critical minerals across the historical Lava Plains sapphire fields, Lava Blue identified extensive kaolin clay beds with high grades of Al2O3 .  By March 2018 Lava Blue had achieved first High Purity Alumina at 99.99% purity (4N HPA) from our kaolin clays.

The chemical formula for Sapphire is Al2O3, so it is not surprising that the clay beds on the Lava Plains extensive sapphire fields are also a rich source of material suitable for HPA production.  Gem quality Sapphires area by-product of our work extracting the aluminium rich kaolin for commercial production of HPA.

During 2018 the Company developed two process pathways routinely producing HPA at >4N purity in the lab from the Lava Plains resource.


Lava Blue is now building a pilot plant and conducting feasibility studies into construction of a first commercial production train with a capacity of around 1,000 tonnes per annum of 4N HPA. The investment in the pilot plant is expected to significantly minimise CAPEX required to build the first commercial production train, and largely eliminate technical risk.

Lava Blue intends to develop further production trains and build total production capacity to at least 5,000 tonnes per annum.


Market conditions for HPA are improving strongly.


All of the conditions that produce the forecast demand growth out to 2024 will still be in place and likely be resulting in even faster demand growth after 2024.