Single Day Production Split

Typical rough sapphire size range.


The results of a short production run with the rough sapphire on the sorting mirror sorted into the three typical size fractions.

Lava Blue Sapphire Ring

3.88ct Cornflower Blue stone mined by Lava Blue in 2015 set in white and yellow gold with white and pink diamonds.


The world renowned consultant on sapphire and ruby, Richard Hughes, who inspected and certified this diamond as ‘cornflower blue’ declared that it was one of the best Australian blue sapphires he had ever seen and that if he had not known it was from Australia, he might have thought it was from Pailin in Thailand.


Open Woodlands

Much of the Lava Plains are covered by very shallow soils and, as a result, a dry, open ironbark woodland limited in height and stem development by the shallow rocky soils.

An Area of Intense Historical Mining

Old workings on the site of the original Thai Mine give some indication of the scale of the gemstone mining that was undertaken in the 1970s and 1980s during which Lava Plains was producing sapphire at a scale that was significant in the global gem trade.