Lava Blue Cosmetics by Immersa

Face Mask, Body Wrap, Completely Natural and Organic

The wild volcanic landscapes of Lava Blue’s mineral leases also produce amazing active volcanic clay minerals that make the perfect mud pack for face masks and body wraps.

Lava Blue’s cosmetic clays are mined from the same beds of clay in which the gemstones are found.

Under a microscope the clay mix reveals the millions of tiny nano-crystals that are suspended in it such as anatase, chrome diopside, quartz and goethite and albite. Between the superfine clays and the nano-crystals, face and body treatments with the Lava Blue clays leaves the skin clean, smooth and lighter.

Lava Blue has licenced the use of this material to Immersa Cosmetics, who have perfected quality control techniques for preparing the clay to get this extraordinary natural product into the market.